Glow in the Dark Nerf Wars!
Unlimited play! (Games last 1-3 minutes)
Players will be split into teams to battle it out on the Nerf Course.

Our referee's facilitate the games

Parents are welcome to stay or drop off and go.
Concessions available for purchase. 
You are welcome to bring your own snacks, beverages, a cooler, etc. 
Ages 5 & up
**Must be able to operate gun or accompanied by an adult to assist.

How it works:
1. We provide all Nerf guns, glow in the dark bullets and goggles. 
 No personal Nerf Guns Allowed. 

2. We will shut the lights down at 7:30.  Please arrive by 7:15 to get geared up in time for battle.

3. Please wear your neon or white clothing so we can see you better!