B.Y.O.G (Bring Your Own Gun) BIG GUNS! 
Unlimited play! (Games last 1-3 minutes)
Players will be split into teams to battle it out on the Nerf Course.

Our referee's facilitate the games

Parents are welcome to stay or drop and go.
Concessions available for purchase. 
You are welcome to bring your own snacks, beverages, a cooler, etc. 

How it works:

  1. Bring your own Nerf Gun, any size, including Mod guns. Only 2 guns allowed per player.  Please do not bring more than 2 guns.  You will be responsible for your own equipment.  We do have guns available to use if your child does not have their own gun (no extra charge)
  2. We will provide the 7.2 cm bullets only.  
    *see pic (You will need to bring your own bullets if those won't work in your gun, you will be responsible for bullet recovery, ie. finding your bullets)
  3. All ages: Mod guns & larger guns do sting, little ones who can handle it are welcome to come. 
  4. Eye protection is provided and IS REQUIRED at all times.
  5. Unlimited Play (New game every 3-5 minutes)